Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saginaw Cops Appear to Have Committed Murder


We've seen this before, summary execution for disobedience.

What's your opinion?  Did you see anything like lethal threat in that video?  This is the same thing that happens in many of the supposed DGUs we hear about. The only lethal threat is in the mind of the trigger-happy gun owner.

The problem comes when some video records it.

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  1. Dave Tueller demonstrated a while ago that a person can close the distance of seven yards in a little over a second. If that person has a knife, he's a threat.

    Mikeb, you consistently fail to understand what is a real danger. May you never have to find out personally.

    1. You blind support of "good guys" with guns no matter what they do is sick.

    2. Blind? I watched the video. I wasn't there, and I don't have the forensic evidence in front of me, but unlike the "witnesses" and relative quoted, I haven't decided that these officers must be guilty.

      But if we're calling names here, how about your blind insistence that anyone who uses a firearm against another must be evil? How about your readiness to take away gun rights for the slightest accident? How about your desire to curtail the rights of others on no evidence at all?

    3. Force yourself to get honest, Greg. It'll do you good.

      You think I feel that "anyone who uses a firearm against another must be evil?"

      How about my occasional post about a legitimate DGU? How about my admission that there are about 500 of them a year?

    4. You're asking me to be honest at the same time that you claim that there are only 500 defensive gun uses in a year? Keep trying, Mikeb. You're doing our work for us.

  2. Greg Camp is correct—it only takes a second or two for someone to reach you from that distance, and if they're armed, they are a potential threat to your life. That being said, the distance he was at is not as much of a threat to your life if you already have your firearm drawn and pointed at the person, and he did not appear to rush at the police—it looks to me like someone was on edge and fired prematurely. Although I think police often tend to use Tasers in situation that don't warrant them, this looks like it would have been a very suitable situation to use one (if they were so equipped).

    1. Just so. There's always a rush to condemn the person with the gun if that person is an ordinary good citizen or a police officer. (Criminals often get a pass.) The only thing missing here is the Self-reverential Al Sharpton. Cops do abuse their power now and then, but I'm willing to let the internal affairs division and the prosecutor's office investigate the matter.

    2. Guag, you're full of shit just like Greg. Did you watch the video. That's what we're talking about not some hypothetical possibility of how a guy with a knife could cover some distance.

      Why are you guys so defensive? Why can't you ever admit anything? You realize that takes credibility away from everything else you say.

    3. And you're an idiot, Mike, did you even read my comment? I didn't defend the shooting, it looked unjustified to me.

    4. Sorry, Guav, I obviously didn't read beyond the "Greg Camp is correct." My mistake. I apologize.

  3. Baby stabbed to death at mall
    Anne Warfield

    Baby stabbed to death at mall 4 others hurt in Midlothian attack; suspect held

    By Rick Jervis, Tribune staff reporter. Freelance reporter Carmen
    Greco Jr. and Tribune staff reporter Patrick Rucker contributed to
    this report Published June 4, 2004

    A 1-year-old girl was killed Thursday afternoon, stabbed repeatedly in
    a bloody rampage at a south suburban shopping center. Witnesses and
    police said four others were stabbed before a bystander clubbed the
    knife-wielding assailant over the head with a flashlight and
    restrained him until police arrived.

    The rampage started sometime after 5 p.m. in the shopping center at
    147th Street and Cicero Avenue in Midlothian.

    Earlier in the afternoon, the suspect had set fire to the house he
    shared with his mother in Crestwood, authorities said. There was no
    visible damage to the exterior of the small ranch house, but the
    house's windows had been boarded up by late Thursday afternoon.

    A witness, Bob Stahulak of Oak Forest, had just pulled into the
    parking lot of the Mid Oak Plaza in Midlothian when the man came
    running out of a Walgreens drugstore brandishing what Stahulak said
    looked like a bowie knife with a 6-inch blade.

    He said he saw the man stab one woman in the parking lot before he
    approached the mother and baby as they came out of a nearby store.
    Stahulak said the man began stabbing both mother and child repeatedly.

    "He stabbed the baby three times in the back," Stahulak said. "People
    were screaming. [The mother] was saying, `My baby was stabbed. My baby
    was stabbed.'"

    The baby was identified late Thursday as Ashley Hurt of the 10300
    block of South Hale Avenue in Chicago by the Cook County medical
    examiner's office.

    Midlothian police arrested the alleged assailant, described as a
    26-year-old male from nearby Crestwood, and said they expected to file
    charges Friday.

    Police said there was no known relation between the man and his
    victims. He seemed to approach people at random--in some cases
    demanded that they hand over their car keys--and then attacked them,
    police and witnesses said.

    "He walked up to somebody in the parking lot, talked to him for a
    minute, then stabbed him," said Midlothian police Deputy Chief Fred
    Kozik. "He ran away, walked up to somebody else and stabbed that
    person too."

    Police would not release any more details about the attacks.

    As the man began attacking Ashley and her mother, witnesses said,
    another man came running out of Quality Cuts, a hair salon in the
    strip mall, and tackled him, restraining him until police arrived.

    The hair shop's owner, Kari Taylor of Peotone, said she came out and
    wrapped towels around Ashley's wounds.

    "We were trying to keep her awake," Taylor said. "There was blood
    coming out of her mouth."

    The man who ran from the hair salon is a Thai citizen who recently
    arrived in the country. He charged the man with the knife and hit him
    in the back of the head with a large flashlight, subduing the suspect
    until police arrived.

    "I saw him stab two people and ran over and hit him with this," said
    Suparak Rattananarkin, 18, holding the red titanium flashlight.

    The five victims were taken to area hospitals. Ashley died in Advocate
    South Suburban Hospital in Hazel Crest at 6:10 p.m.

    The other four who were stabbed were not identified, and police
    declined to comment on their conditions.

    Shortly after the suspect was taken away by police, Rattananarkin
    called his friend Kyle Jana, 18, who lives just blocks from the
    shopping center.

    Jana walked to the scene and joined about 40 others who lined up
    around the yellow police tape that encircled the parking lot.

    "I could've been right there," Jana said. "I could've been in that
    store. It's not like Midlothian is an unsafe town."

    He said the stabbings sickened him.

    "I don't know why anyone would do anything like that," he said. "What
    was the baby going to do to him?"

    1. What exactly is the relevance of this?

    2. You can be made just as dead with a knife as with a gun and, when Mr. Stabby Stabbington refused police orders to put down the knife, he got what he deserved.

      The police did the right thing.

  4. If this Democrat party member had listened to the police and put down the knife he would not have been shot.

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes...

    1. Where does it mention that the man was a Democrat?

    2. MikeyB paints all gun owners with the "Looks like a member of the NRA/musta been a concealed carrier....", meme, so every knife wielder is a member of the democRAT PARTY.....

    3. Yeah, but IT'S RETARDED when Mike does that. So you're just proving that you can be as retarded as Mike, not making a compelling argument.

    4. Actually it is a very compelling argument, the democrat party is the party of the downtrodden, those with less money the 99%, a knife is a weapon of someone with no money.

      If he had put down the knife like the police told him he would not have been shot.

      Knives can kill.....