Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Washington State Triple Shooting - Woman Arrested

The Seattle Times reports on the latest random mass shooting.  They're coming so fast now we can hardly keep track of them.

A 20-year-old woman who allegedly opened fire in a grocery store on the Key Peninsula on Saturday afternoon, wounding three strangers, was charged today with two counts of first-degree attempted murder and one count of first-degree assault.

Laura Sorenson pleaded not guilty to the charges during her arraignment today in Pierce County Superior Court. She is being held in the Pierce County Jail in lieu of $1.5 million bail.

“There does not appear to be any understandable motive for this shooting,” Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist said in a news release. “The defendant said she didn’t even know the men she shot.”

According to Lindquist, Sorenson walked into the Peninsula Market on Saturday afternoon, pulled a revolver out of her purse and made a comment about killing people. She fired until she was out of bullets, hitting three men, he said.

The victims were a clerk, a developmentally disabled man, and a 78-year-old man who was crouched down and hiding. Two of the victims were hospitalized. One victim is in critical but stable condition, Lindquist said.


  1. WEEEE-HAAWWWWWW. A shooter with no motive, no idea why she was shooting, and no clear plan. A total agent of random violence. At least she didn't have a 100-round magazine.

    1. One of the great freedoms we have is that every nut like her can get a gun no problem.

    2. And every nut like her can also get gasoline, rags, matches, cars, chainsaws, knives, machetes, clubs, and the materials for pipe bombs no problem.

      The really scary thing is that several of those other objects enable a psycho to injure/kill even more people -- more easily and more quickly -- than with a gun.

      When a psycho attacks with a gun, club, knife, machete, chainsaw, etc., other armed citizens have a very good chance of being able to stop the attacker promptly. When a psycho attacks with a car, gasoline, bombs, etc., armed citizens have almost no chance of being able to stop the attacker.

      If it was next to impossible to obtain guns, psychos would use the other methods such as explosive and fire bombs and citizens would be unable to defend themselves from even simple attacks with knives, machetes, chainsaws, and clubs. Let's hope that doesn't happen.

    3. There are methods that are more deadly, and that includes the bombs set by people like Anders Breivik and James Holmes, in conjunction with shooting people.

      But the fact remains, that firearms are far more often the choice for killing themselves and for killing others, not explosives or incendiary devices.

      There is something unique to the impulsive appeal of firearms.

    4. Dog Gone, if that's true, why aren't we all dead? We have more than 300,000,000 privately held guns in this country. With all that impulse, there should be no one left alive.

  2. This shouldn't surprise anyone. For decades various influences have told people to be selfish, that there is no concrete right or wrong, and that virtues such as honor just get in the way of "fun". We've all heard the saying at some point, "If it feels good, do it."

    It's time for the good people to arm themselves and be ready. If some low-life starts a murder spree in the grocery store where I am shopping, I won't be a defenseless sitting duck cowering in a corner.

    1. That's smart. Long before you have the opportunity to stop a random shooting spree, you'll blow your own toe off, drop your gun in a crowded restaurant or have it stolen and used against you or someone else. Statistically speaking.

    2. Statistically speaking? Do you even know what that means? There are around a hundred million gun owners and six to eight million carry license holders in this country. You focus on what is done by less than one percent of those totals.

      For sake of clarity, why don't you define what statistics mean to you.

    3. Oh goodie, one more gun nut shooting up a place, hitting anyone and everyone BUT the other shooter, as people tend NOT to hit their target during crisis situations .

      And then of course there is the additional 'bonus' for the lunatic fringe of confusing law enforcement when they arrive, so that they shoot you AND the other shooter.

      Sheesh, it's people like you who give carry a really bad name for safety and good judgment.

    4. Except for you, Dog Gone? You carried a gun. Did you see the incident in Ocala, FL in which an old (white) man drove off two punks? He hit no one but the punks. Of course, you also leave out the fact that we gun enthusiasts practice a lot with our guns--more than people who are paid to carry theirs.

      If you want to be disarmed, that's fine with me. Don't try to force your choice on the rest of us.

  3. Here's another one for you: one of those super-responsible CCW holders we're always hearing about took his gun to the movies with him (no doubt to save us all from the next movie theater mass shooting). Instead, his gun fell to the floor and He accidentally shot himself in the ass.

    Stupid gun loons.