Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thomas Alton Caffall Loved Those Video Games

CBS News adds some detail to the profile of the latest hero of gun rights.

Caffall's stepfather, Richard Weaver, told CBS station KHOU that the suspected gunman refused to work after apparently quitting his job less than a year ago. Weaver said Caffall regularly played video games inside his rental home near the campus. According to KHOU, Northcliff, the third man killed on Monday, was Caffall's landlord.

Weaver told KHOU that Caffall played video games so much that it seemed to be warping his sense of reality. He said Callfall's alleged violent reaction to an eviction notice was not something that surprised him. Weaver even told KHOU he had become concerned that Callfall might hurt, or even kill, one of his own family members in recent months.

This reminds me of the famous Anders.  He played video games too.


  1. Remember when your kind tried to ban violent video games? That was back when control freaks had their high water mark. You've been losing ever since.

  2. so, we're back to blaming video games now?

  3. I personally never liked violent video games and never allowed my kids to play them. At they are so much more realistic than ever before.

    I have said it before, I will say it again, education is everything! You get what you teach. If you allow video games to teach your kids, they will live their life like a game with all the resets and such. Life doesnt get a reset, you reap what your actions are, you own those decisions.