Monday, August 13, 2012

Memphis Cop Loses Leg after Gun "Accident"

"I really don't remember it," he says. "I just know I'm here now. I'm taking it day by day."

Griffin is a 16-year veteran of the Tunica Sheriff's Department. He was leading the Emergency Response Team, Tunica's equivalent of SWAT, when his gun went off by mistake.

"He accidentally slipped and he had his hand, his rifle in his hand. It was an M-16 and he said his reflexes kicked in and he automatically grabbed something and his finger pulled the trigger," says his wife Angela. She says the bullet caused too much damage to his leg for doctors to save it.
You know who has "accidents," tripping by accident, pulling the trigger by accident, people who are clumsy, people who are distracted, people who are ill-prepared.

Leaders of Swat teams and any other person entrusted with a firearm cannot afford to be like that.  If they are, number one, they should take responsibility for their actions and stop calling it an "accident."  Number two, they should relinquish their right to own and use guns in the future. No second chances.

Does that sound too severe?  Is it too unforgiving?  Well, ask yourself why not?  Why not be severe and unforgiving when dealing with gun handling? 

Let's take Officer Griffin, for example.  Do you think in his 16-year-career, this is the very first time he's had an "accident."  I doubt it.  People who are distracted and clumsy and ill-prepared have frequent instances of "accidents," usually not with the dramatic results as this one.

Replace the word "accident" with the more appropriate and accurate "negligence," and it becomes clearer.  Negligent gun owners lose their right to own guns, period.

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  1. They guy lost his leg leave him alone. And he tripped.. not like he was screwing around with the weapon while drunk or anything so I say you should leave this one alone.

    1. It's an opportunity for Mikeb to put his foot in his mouth--how can he resist?

    2. Tripping while having your finger on the trigger is not acceptable. Just like many guys whose negligence results in the death of their own kid, this guy paid a heavy price already. This would be taken into consideration by the judge.

    3. Judges preside over trials. There's no crime here. We're not going to allow that to change.

  2. Exactly he paid a price already. He was escorting a prisoner. Which is still a dangerous mission to begin with. you are just being jerk about this one. Stop adding different scenarios to this and keep with this circumstance. Tripping happens. Iam sure he didn't plan on tripping while doing his job. Your ignorance painful.