Saturday, October 27, 2012

Michigan Man Kills Dad with a Knife and Himself with a Gun

Local news reports

Police say a West Michigan man stabbed his father to death before fatally shooting himself following an argument about a new business venture.

Muskegon Township police Chief Ken Sanford says 30-year-old Justin Laverty and 57-year-old David Laverty were working on a swimming pool at a home Thursday. During the project, [T]hey argued over a new business the father planned to launch.

David Laverty's wife left the home in Muskegon County's Muskegon Township to run an errand. She arrived home in the afternoon to find both dead.

Police say Justin Laverty apparently stabbed his father with a knife then went into an upstairs bedroom and fatally shot himself in the head with a shotgun.
He stabbed his dad and then went for a gun to commit suicide. What can we take from that? For murder anything will do but for suicide the preference is a firearm? Maybe.  How about this. Unstable and irresponsible people shouldn't have guns handy.  The damage would be less.

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  1. mikeb said..."He stabbed his dad and then went for a gun to commit suicide. What can we take from that?"

    The father suffered a better death because he was only stabbed, the son, however, experienced a much horrible death, because his death was caused by a gun?

    I'll make sure that when I'm tallying homicides next year, I won't count the father's death because it wasn't a 'gun death'. I guess Joan and Co. will only light a candle for the killer and not the killed, as well.

  2. Yup, no guns for the insane, but they can have all the knives they want? Only gun deaths matter, of course.