Saturday, March 16, 2013

Elizabeth Warren Defends Government Regulation

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  1. On this point, I tend to agree with Warren. The larger the bank, the more regulation makes sense.

  2. Let the regulators whose regulations cause pain and misery to consumers make more regulations. Really? This sounds like a good idea?

    orlin sellers

  3. So the corporations are all spending so much money that they control the government, write their own laws to stifle competition, and to give themselves handouts, and both parties are guilty of being a part of this collusion.

    But you're right--more government regulations will TOTALLY fix the problem created by this collusion.

  4. Every time the repukeliscum get into power they eliminate regulation, and then we have a financial disaster. Every single fucking time. What is needed is an immediate summary execution of a large number of the scum who run Wall Street.

    1. Hmm...No. Pol Pot endorsed the same sort of thing. It didn't work out well.

  5. I tend to favor giving banks less government support, especially as they get larger. A free market does not require (or even contemplate) any form of corporatism.