Monday, March 11, 2013

Obesity and Gun Ownership

The NYT article is actually quite interesting and has nothing to do with the weight problem of many gun owners.  I thought it was interesting that while using a picture like this the obesity factor could go unmentioned. Gun owners like to pretend it has no effect on their effectiveness and competence with the use of firearms.

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  1. You're one of the most deeply prejudiced persons on the Internet. This fact is made all the worse by your professed leftism, the doctrine that all human beings are equal.

    But perhaps you'd care to employ your vast knowledge of shooting technique to explain how these two would be limited in their ability to use firearms.

  2. Does obesity affect one's ability to use a gun? Yes. And thank you for the dumbass strawman argument. I've never seen ANYONE claim that their weight wouldn't affect their effectiveness with a gun.

    But then, you needed this strawman to try to distract us from the fact that you're again trying to label all gun owners as fat people. Some are fat, some are fit. Same as any other demographic. Grow up and get over it dumbass.

    One thing I will say is that weight's effect will be less on one's ability to defend oneself with a gun than one's ability to defend oneself with a knife, baton, brick, fists, etc. or to run away from an attacker.

    Maybe that's a reason that lots of fat or disabled people like having guns for self defense--it's their best option.

    1. Same as every other demographic, huh? I don't think so. The stereotype of the fat white man did not come about for nothing.

      The best option for most obese people is to straighten out their eating habits and do some exercise - not to get a gun.

    2. You mean take personal responsibility? I thought it was the loony left that tells us about how it's the fault of fast food restaurants or (according to your hero, Bloomingbutt) large sodas. It's the fault of hormones and genetics. Gods forbid it be laid at the door of the individual.

      But then, eating better and owning guns are both good ideas.

    3. So does that mean it's ok for us to make fun of some other stereotypes that came about for a reason?

      * The fat black man who eats too much fried chicken and soulfood?
      * The scrawny, criminal, young black man?
      * The fat alcoholic Native American?
      * The short, fat hispanic man?
      * The greasy, mafiosa Italian American?

      etc., etc., etc.

      As for straightening out eating habits, etc., yes, that's a good thing for all obese people. It still doesn't negate the fact that a gun is a better defensive weapon, even for a fit person, than their own fists.

    4. Who's making fun?

      A gun is not a better defensive weapon. A gun is more likely to be misused than to save the day.

  3. I once knew this rather "portly" gentleman who was usually at the range when I was. I chased his score for years. Even though I always qualified "expert", he was better, always scoring within no more than 1-3 points of a perfect score. Often, he would shoot a perfect course of fire. He was amazing with both rifle and pistol.