Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Maine Town Says No to Mandatory Gun Ownership

 Local news reports further to our earlier post.

Voters in Byron, Maine, have unanimously rejected a proposed law that would have required each household in the 140-person town to own a firearm and ammunition.
Even the official who proposed the requirement, Selectwoman Anne Simmons-Edmunds, voted against it, saying she did so to have it reworked and reintroduced.

"We had some great ideas and great conversations. I think we will come back with a more comprehensive ordinance, maybe stronger wording for exemptions," she said, adding that about 50 people were at a town meeting Monday night and voted on the measure, all opposing it.


  1. Good. If you don't want a gun, by all means, you shouldn't have one. See how I believe in freedom? Why don't you?

    1. Freedom is an absurd concept given the opportunity to enforce one's beliefs.

  2. "My freedom is more important than your good idea." Unknown

    orlin sellers

  3. This makes it seem like it is more than just symbolic- if they plan on rewriting and reintroducing it. I oppose symbolic "feel good" legislation, but IF they are being serious I would oppose it even more.

  4. As a rule, mandates are designed to address a perceived deficiency in the "other guy". "Sure, I'd be subject to the same law" doesn't mean much if you're already doing what the mandate would require or if you're a member of an exempt group. This one is a particularly bad idea.