Monday, March 11, 2013

Gun Control Doesn't Work - Or Does It?

The Propaganda Professor

The gunsters also maintain that even though the Jews were, in some cases, armed, they just didn’t have enough arms. If only the Jewish resistors could have gotten their hands on more hardware, they assert, the tide would have turned. They’re not even speculating about this; it’s something they absolutely and unequivocally know to be true.

Time out.

Could these possibly be the same gunsters who proclaim, loudly and at every opportunity, that “gun control doesn’t work”? And yet in the next breath they declare that beyond a shadow of a doubt, “gun control” is the one thing that made the Holocaust possible? Which is it, folks? Does “gun control” work or doesn’t it? Are you saying that it only works on Jews?


  1. LOL! Mike! That is awesome! You post something that admits that gun control worked to make the holocaust possible, which is really all gun control is for. Disarming the law abiding so government can do whatever it wants. It certainly doesn't work to make us safer, but that's not its purpose anyway.

  2. Hey, misrepresentation of our statements posed as a Gotcha moment.

    We say that Gun Control doesn't work as far as reducing crime goes, but that it does achieve the goal of a disarmed citizenry that can be ruled over with greater ease by a well armed government.

    Not a hard concept to understand, and frankly, I know that you and the propagandist understand that this is what we are saying. You just lie and act like you can't understand us so that we will waste our time trying to clarify our positions.

    Frankly, what this post brings up to me is all of the pontificating here, at Penigma, and at various other sites cited and linked to by you, Dog Gone, and your misfit posse of bigots, about how guns in the hands of civilians were not an answer to the Holocaust, but a cause of it.

    You brag to us that Hitler didn't ban guns, or even ban Jews from having them, he just didn't legalize them for Jews when he legalized them for others. Of course, the problem is that you have the same result, and that this liberalizing of gun laws that you like to trumpet is still an act of discrimination.

    This is further complicated by the fact that in other posts, you admit that Jews were told to turn in their weapons. Dog Gone, however, wisely notes that this was only after a dirty Jew gut shot a poor, young, innocent Nazi soldier. :'(

    Poor Nazi! Damn dirty Jews--they should have lost their guns since they couldn't behave!


    In that post, and in more recent ones on the Pile of Shit that is Penigma, Dog Gone has repeatedly implied that the Jews who had guns could have kept them and that Krystalnacht, and maybe even the whole Holocaust, could have been avoided if it weren't for that shooting and various other rebellions by armed Jews.

    Frankly, these implications are insulting to my intelligence. They sound, frankly, like someone telling the family of a murdered rape victim who fought back that she should have just laid back and tried to enjoy it because then she'd still be alive.

    You change definitions, change arguments, and try different things to go after us because of the "Myth of Hitler's Gun Ban," but you sound like the people who try to justify him by talking about the "myth of the Holocaust" etc.

    No, I'm not saying that you're a Nazi or a Nazi lover Mike. What I'm saying is that you and your crew are becoming useful idiots a generation too late, being apologists for some of Hitler's policies because you think it somehow makes your position stronger rather than tainting you with the stain of association.

    Really, it's pretty damned pitiful and disgusting. Go and rethink your life and stop bothering the rest of us.

  3. Mikeb, I've said this to you before: If you'd stop misrepresenting my side, you'd gain in credibility--not by much, but any gain would help.

    As others have said above, gun control certainly does work. It works in a tyranny, or it works to allow a tyranny to form. What it does not do is make good citizens safer.

  4. SO, like many others, Mikeb comes down on the side of Hitler.

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  5. These people agree: GUN CONTROL WORKS!

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