Monday, March 11, 2013

Washington Boy Shoots his Parents

Moses Lake boy arrested; accused of shooting his parents

Local news reports

Moses Lake police say a 14-year-old boy has been arrested for allegedly shooting his parents.
Police said officers responded to a call at a home where they found two adults with wounds.

The Columbian Basin Herald identified  the two adults as the boy's parents. Both victims were transported to an out of area hospital for treatment.

According to school officials, the boy is a student at Moses Lake Christian Academy.
Kind of ironic isn't it? You raise a kid in a fundamental Christian home, teach him about guns and how they are the answer to problems like safety and confrontation, and he ends up shooting you for your trouble.

Too bad it's not a rare story.

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  1. That's fundamentalist, but you have no way of knowing what the child's parents taught him. Of course, when you claim that incidents like this are not rare and then offer as proof a story from 2011, your credibility suffers.

  2. Right, all the training in the Bible and in Gun Safety was the reason he shot his parents.

    Maybe I'll take you seriously when you learn to make arguments about policy and not make baseless accusations, innuendo, etc. in order to make fun of the misfortune of the gun owners and Christians you dislike.

  3. Try again. You assume much and provide evidence of little.