Monday, March 11, 2013

South Carolina 3-Year-old Dead Mistaking Pink Gun for Toy

Local news reports

A three-year-old boy died from a shot to the head as he and his sister played with a pink handgun they thought was a toy.

Temorej Smith was fatally wounded at his family home, in Greenville, S.C, on Friday.
He was believed to have been in his own bedroom, playing with seven-year-old sister Taliyah, when the tragic accident occurred.
Police have not revealed who fired the weapon, but have ruled the shooting as "accidental" and said no charges have yet been filed.

But authorities did say that the investigation into the death would continue, and warned gun owners to keep their weapons locked up and away from children at all times. reports the children's grandparents watching television in the living room when the incident occurred. Temorej's parents Jerome Christopher Smith and Tia Jacques Miller were not home at the time. said the funeral will take place at the Golden View Baptist Church in Fountain Inn, South Carolina, on Wednesday afternoon.
You know who own pink guns? Women who think they're protecting themselves from rape. The only problem is they are more likely to experience something like this than to save themselves from a rapist.

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  1. So the at least 108,000 persons who defend themselves with a firearm per annum, according to the Department of Justice, are more likely to have an accident or act of negligence in their homes, even though death from accidental gunfire numbers around 600 in the same period?

    Arithmetic matters, Mikeb.

    1. Since arithmetic matters so much, Greg, you'll want to add all the other misuses of guns to that 600. The total is about a half-a-million which compares to your much lower number of DGUs to tell us that guns do more harm than good.

    2. 1. That lower number is the most conservative of reasonable studies on the subject.

      2. Half a million? Half a million what? You're so loose with terms that "misuses" could mean anything.

    3. All violent crimes using a gun, Greg. Look it up.