Sunday, May 25, 2014

Colion Noir on Mass Shooters and Gun Free Zones

After that ridiculous pick-up-basketball game metaphor, he went on, in his strained way, to push one of the most tired themes of the pro-gun crowd - mass shooters are attracted to gun free zones.

It's funny because this oft-repeated nonsense has never made much sense. The proof is that our own favorite gun-rights extremists who comment here have all agreed it's not valid.  Of course that took some doin'.  I had to explain several times how maniac spree shooters normally seek out the venue of their grievance, real or imagined, for their venting.  They do not consider its gun free status. Even our most contentious and dedicated pro-gun commenters have acquiesced to my logic.

But not poor Colion.  I'm afraid his rising celebrity has blinded him to even the most basic self-examination. Or perhaps he's simply spending too much time reading and associating with fellow gun nuts instead of expanding his world view a bit.  Or maybe he went with the theme of this video solely for the opportunity to use that overblown example of the sexual predator in "the on-line pre-teen chat room." That was really cute. The only problem is, of course, it's completely wrong.

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  1. Colon Noir?

    You're kidding me...right? You mean the NRA dredged up some dude whose name literally means black asshole?