Monday, May 26, 2014

More on the ex-Marine Andrew Tahmooressi

Posted on Swash Zone by Flying Junior

Earlier this month, I told my friend Mikeb302000 about a former U.S. Marine from Florida who unfortunately and perhaps accidentally crossed the international border at San Ysidro into Mexico with all of his worldly possessions in his Ford F-150 pickup truck. Unfortunately, these possessions included three legally owned firearms. Understand that guns are illegal in Mexico. I accepted his version of events in his own words. He just got lost looking for a restaurant off of I-5, trying to meet his friends. Even if you do believe his story, the fact that he was driving around with unsecured weapons in the cab of his pickup truck in the city of San Diego makes him a careless scofflaw. Bear in mind that he is a soldier suffering from PTSD, a form of mental illness. I unfairly speculated that he might have been slightly under the influence of alcohol given the fact that he simply continued driving south all of the way to the border without noticing any of the signs about the approaching international border, the last freeway exit into the U.S.A. and even a last ditch U-turn designed to give drivers one last chance to remain upon U.S. soil. Mike was kind enough to create a post from my tip. I was hoping that the regulars would get worked up about the injustice of it all. They did not completely disappoint. Now, three grueling weeks later, FOX has decided to release their take on all of this nonsense just in time for the Memorial Day Weekend. The headline is “Leave No Man Behind.” Obama has abandoned this poor soul, when just one phone call from the DOJ or the American Consul could have released this defender of freedom from the ravages of the Tijuana penitentiary system. The article by a FOX contributor does not seem to agree with the earliest press release from the San Diego Union-Tribune which reported that he attempted an escape and then subsequently attempted suicide while incarcerated. He was reported to have been doing much better in his incarceration when the prison provided him with an English-speaking chaplain. I am sorry, but it is difficult to view the U-T article without a paying subscription. Since there is really no way of confirming or denying any subsequent facts, FOX has chosen to say that originally he was chained by both arms and legs to his bed, and that now he only has to be chained by one leg by the Mexican prison guards. I mean, why not lie, if there is no way to check the facts? Much as the leftist blogosphere thrived under the sadistic presidency of GWB, FOX has no apparent reason to exist other than to spread hatred and lies about our president. This was just too good of an opportunity to pass up. Make hay while the sun shines!


  1. Howdy FJ,

    I did some looking and also found some disturbing details that suggest that he would have been in some trouble even if he were stopped in the US.

    "He said inspectors soon found three weapons, all loaded. Tahmooressi has said he volunteered the information about the guns to inspectors.
    A .45-caliber pistol was in a door pocket beneath the driver’s side window, Gonzalez said. The two other weapons were also within reach, he said. He described them as an AR MR-2 rifle and a 12-gauge shotgun. Tahmooressi previously described the rifle as an AR-15. '

    So apparently three seemingly uncased and loaded firearms in the cab of the truck. Plus two of the three are considered bad medicine in Mexico because civilians are forbidden the use of "military" calibers, of which .45ACP and 5.56mm are two. I'm sort of surprised the 12 GA didn't qualify too since the US Army uses it.
    And apparently his attorney has also been caught coaching his client as to his story too. I know that NEVER happens in the US. I cant speak to what the norm is for Mexico, though the truck driver who took a wrong turn with a load of ammo, there seemed to be some behind the scenes wheeling and dealing.
    Perhaps its simply something as simple as the way things work in the legal system there.

  2. Thanks a lot Sarge. Good information