Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hey, Elliot Roger Here


  1. In kind of a hurry today. Took a wild guess at minutes 8-10. Fucking psycho!

  2. This guy was OK to buy multiple guns and the gun loons defend his right to do so. And we wonder why these mass murders keep happening.

    1. Even if you banned all guns very few lives woulld be saved by the reduction in mass shootings. DOJ says so even:

      However by banning all guns, many innocent victims would be defenseless. Guns are something we will have to live with for better or worse. And it was not the guns fault he shot people, or the knife he stabbed them with. Almost 50% of his victims were stabbed!

      We have to strike at the root of the problem and really look at how this kid got so fucked up. Personally I think he was very abused by bad parents et c, and a repressed homosexual. I do not think he had Aspergers.