Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Open Letter to Richard Martinez

I just watched your interview on the Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell.

I'm sorry that it took the loss of your son to join the cause, but I am glad you are part of the movement since it sounds as if you are coming into it with your eyes open.  You know the other side will pull all sorts of bullshit--and then cry that they are victims when we fight back.

You hit the point head on when you said, that you had only lived with the problem for a few days, and you didn't give much thought to this issue prior to your son getting killed. You thought it wouldn't happen to him. And now you are living with the consequences of that complacency.

We need more people to see that point because until more people realise that the lax gun laws make people unsafe, people will be complacent about this issue.

Until it somehow effects them.

It's sad that it takes a personal loss for people to see this issue clearly.

It's not other people's children who are paying for this fake "right", it your own children.  It's not an issue of your kids or my kids--it's everybodies' kids that are at risk.   You  need to get that through your thick skulls.

So, Joe the Plumber--is your right worth YOUR kids dying?  We already know that you are putting them at risk.  And given what a fucking idiot you are--I'm sure it's a matter of time before something happens close to your home.

And like Richard, you shouldn't wait until it happens to you before you see reason--unless you are too stupid to see reason.


  1. Laci what is it exactly you would like to see done ..The repeal of the second amendment and confiscation of all firearms?

    1. Speaking for myself, I'd like to see proper gun control laws enforced at the national level. The overall murder rate and violence rate would drop, lives would be saved.

  2. This is what gun loons express. Dead people and children are the price we pay for their right. Of course we could cut down on those deaths by using laws and regulations, but those also are unacceptable as an infringement on their rights. Is it any surprise that those who worship guns accept death so readily?

  3. I guess Pooch's list of victims includes Adam Lanza and a few other familiar names

    orlin sellers.

    1. Of course Adam Lanza is a victim. His mother too. They were both victims of the NRA-led propaganda machine that preaches "guns are good."