Monday, May 26, 2014

Dropped Gun in Memphis Movie Theater Discharges - Idiot Lawful Gun Owner Arrested

George Gholson

Freak Out Nation

Memphis, Tennessee Police say that no one was hurt when a loaded gun fell out of a man’s pants pocket in a movie theater and fired. According to police,  63-year-old George Gholson was arrested and charged Tuesday with reckless endangerment and failing to follow a posted “no-weapons” notice.

News Channel 5 reports, ” Police said Gholson took a .38-caliber, two-shot Derringer into a movie theater in east Memphis. The gun, which was loaded with one bullet, fell out of his pants pocket and fired the round.”

The 18 people in the theater were not hit, police say. An off-duty police officer who was in the theater at the time took Gholson into custody.

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