Sunday, May 25, 2014

Iowa Dad Arrested in Connection with 4-Year-old Daughter's Accidental Shooting Death

The father of a 4-year-old who accidentally shot herself in April was arrested this afternoon on four felony and misdemeanor charges.
Adam Mead, 24, turned himself in to Des Moines police. He was charged with involuntary manslaughter, neglect of a dependent person and two counts of making firearms available to minors.
Charging Mead in connection with his daughter's death is a rare move, one legal expert said.
Mead told police his daughter wandered into a bedroom in which he was moving things around. He set a loaded .45 caliber handgun onto a dresser and turned his back for a moment, authorities said.
Seconds later, he heard a single shot behind him. He turned to see a look of shock on his daughter's face and red spreading across her shirt, officials said.
Investigators said they believed Mead's version of events.
"Evidence supports his statements, the autopsy supports his statements," Des Moines Police Sgt. Jason Halifax said. "There was nothing to suggest otherwise."
If Mead is convicted of all the charges, he faces a maximum 17 years in prison.
The neglect charge, a Class C felony is the most serious and alleges Mead knowingly or recklessly exposed his daughter to a danger against which she couldn't be expected to protect herself.
The manslaughter charge accuses Mead of causing Lillium's death by the commission of another, non-felonious crime.
Officials also found a second, unlocked gun in an area where they thought Lillium could access it, Halifax said.
Police took seven weapons from Mead's apartment, including a rifle, three handguns and three pellet guns, Halifax said.
Prosecutors had several charging options, including child endangerment causing death, a Class B felony punishable by up to 50 years in prison, Drake University law professor Bob Rigg said.


  1. Decide which you love more -- your guns or your kids, pick one.

    1. So you don't believe it's possible to store a gun in a way where a small child can't get it?

  2. As is evidenced here, there are many other charging options that aren't covered under safe storage laws. All it takes is a prosecutor willing to prosecute such negligence.

  3. Without stiffer penalties we have no chance of changing behavior.

    1. "Without stiffer penalties we have no chance of changing behavior. "

      "If Mead is convicted of all the charges, he faces a maximum 17 years in prison."

    2. I read it what's your point?

    3. No response?

    4. Anon, the man is being charged pretty much on a similar level as he would if he negligently killed someone with his car. As I originally said, he is being held accountable for his actions.

    5. I never said he wasn't, but you comment inferred I missed the strict sentence. Reread what I said.

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