Thursday, May 29, 2014

Where Were All the Civilian Gun Owners in Crimea When We Needed Them?

from democommie

I'm gonna guess that this has already been beaten to death and I just haven't seen it, but how is it that Crimea was taken by Putin with nary a "grassroots" guerilla movement plunging the whole area into a death spiral of PatriotiKKK Freedumb. Crimea being part of Ukraine had plenty of gunz in civilian hands, per this:

I just don't get how that could have happened. Maybe they're all cowards? Maybe they're lulling the Russkis into complacency and then they'll go all "POCOMAXAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" on their commiefascist asses!!

Point me to anything you have and I'll laugh along with the rest of the people who know just how "Patriotic" the gunzloonz will be if they ever get to experience anything like the recent forcible relocation of the Russian border.


  1. I thought 90%+ of the people in the region just voted to join Russia. Why would they have been shooting at the Russian troops?

  2. "I thought 90%+ of the people in the region just voted to join Russia."

    An interesting point, though validating secession could set a bad precedent. Also keep in mind that most insurgent conflicts are long term, as evidenced by the nine years it took for the soviets to be driven from Afghanistan and the slightly longer its taking for the US to leave.