Friday, April 20, 2012

Another Shooting Near USC

The LA Times reports

Some USC students living near fraternity row said Wednesday that after another shooting near campus, they feel unsafe in their own neighborhood and fear for the reputation of their school.

In the latest incident early Wednesday, police say suspect Jeremy Hendricks, 24, approached four students -- three men and a woman –- and demanded items. Hendricks then placed the items in a backpack and fled on foot before students flagged down USC security, who tracked down the suspect and confronted him, authorities said.

An officer saw that the suspect was armed, said Lt. Andy Neiman of the LAPD. When Hendricks made a sudden move, the security officer shot him in the leg, Neiman said.
We can thank the gun manufacturers, the NRA and the gun-rights fanatics for the fact that America is awash with guns. When, oh when will it turn around.

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  1. Had those students been armed, they could have resisted Hendricks. Criminals in this country will always have guns. We've discussed how already. Good citizens need access to their own.

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  3. And apparently since the USC security was the only competent firearm owner only the bad guy got his socialist redistributionist ass ventilated....

    Sucks to be Mr. Should have stayed the FUCK home!!!!!!

  4. Firearms are an extremely important tool to criminals ... their "livelihoods" depend on them. They will do whatever they have to do to acquire them.

    Here are just a few ways that criminals can easily and inexpensively acquire firearms:
    (a) purchase guns smuggled into the U.S.,
    (b) ambush unsuspecting law enforcement officers and take theirs,
    (c) pay a machinist to make one from available metal stock,
    (d) make one from hardware store items for $20.

    Of course there are other ways as well. What is highly significant is that there is no way to stop the methods that I listed above!