Sunday, April 15, 2012

Republicans and the NRA

The New York Times has this to say about how top Republicans pander to the gun-owning voters.

President Obama has regrettably been avoiding the gun control issue. Still, Mr. Romney attacked him at the convention on Friday, promising to stand with the N.R.A. “for the rights of hunters and sportsmen and those seeking to protect their homes and their families.” This was a far cry from Mr. Romney’s 1994 campaign for the United States Senate when he assured centrist Massachusetts voters: “I don’t line up with the N.R.A.” Yet there he was in St. Louis, lining up. Newt Gingrich, in his over-the-top manner, urged a United Nations campaign to proclaim the Second Amendment “a human right for every person on the planet.”
What's Newt spouting such nonsense for? Hasn't he already lost the race?

Although I have less than a high regard for the average gun owner, I can't believe Romney will win many votes with this bizarre flip-flopping. Who could possibly believe a word he says? Yet, I suppose when you're addressing a group who disapprove of the incumbent president as deeply as gun owners do, you can't do much wrong.

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  1. Gingrich's proposal would be a good thing for the United Nations to take up, no matter whether he's the Republican nominee or a private citizen. It couldn't be any worse than Kofi Annan's peacedreamers for Syria, for example. As for Romney, at least he's saying the right things now. If he wins, we can remind him of his word.