Monday, April 16, 2012

Former PA Governor Ed Rendell Hands Gottlieb His Hat - and His Bowtie


  1. These type of debates remind me of the frog in boiling water parable.

    The gun control side says the President hasn't done anything and the pro 2nd amendment side says look at these small steps.

    When it is all over private gun ownership will be banned.

  2. Rendell wants to ban multiple bullet magazines. What's the point of a one-round magazine? Many handguns are designed to use magazines that hold more than ten rounds, but the gun grabbers don't care about that. For them, it's always about banning something. I suppose we should be grateful that we have ten fingers. If we had only six fingers, we'd all be restricted to standard revolvers. It does make me wonder why gun grabbers have such an allergy to hexadecimal magazines.

    The only reason that Gottlieb couldn't get out all of his points is that he was facing two opponents, including one who was controlling the conversation. That sounds like a lot of blogs of gun control advocates. Watching that video makes me glad that we have the NRA and glad that a free discussion happens here.

  3. What a bunch of bull. Trot out Gabby Gifford and the 6'2" footballer Martin kid. Trot out the militarized police forces who have armored vehicles and go into neighborhoods looking like they are going to destroy Fallujah. And then we have a president who has a record of assassinating American citizens and has done more to destroy civil liberties than Bush and Clinton combined.
    Maybe next time they can trot out JFK, RFK, and MLK, too. Oh, that's right, those were probably inside jobs.
    orlin sellers

  4. What is it with the Neoclowns and bowties? I thought when Tucker Carlson got shitcanned that we wouldn't have to look at people who a.) wear bowties and b.) have laughably bad taste in their selection.

    I think Ed Rendell (who I'm not particularly fond of) has it about right when he says that the NRA is quite effective at scaring legislators into voting against their own constituents' wishes. I liked the moderator's questioning of Gottlieb about what Obama has actually "DONE" to hurt teh gunzloonz. Appointing "anti-gun" federal judges, according to Gottlieb. Gottlieb states that gunzloonz are pretty upset--what with the cases that he and the rest of the gunzloonz shysters are pushing through the courts--that judges they don't trust on ONE issue will be placed in the position of ruling on those cases. So, it appears that the gunzloonz are pretty much the same as the right-to-life (until you're actually born) folks--a single issue, stridently vocal and vaguely (or not so vaguely--think Dr. George Tiller) threatening demographic.

    1. How about Paul Simon? Bowties aren't exclusive to one side of the political spectrum.

    2. How about this, Greg. Democommie said, "I think Ed Rendell (who I'm not particularly fond of) has it about right when he says that the NRA is quite effective at scaring legislators into voting against their own constituents' wishes."

      I agree. That's one of the things that makes the NRA so shabby.

    3. Why can't you understand that the NRA represents the wishes of many constituencies? In many places where I've lived, people who openly support gun control are looked at with the same opprobrium as a dog that pees on the rug. Of course, no left-wing politician has ever done anything similar. Why do you always single out the NRA as if it's unique in politics?

  5. Politician Paul Simon, like Winston Churchill, is dead. Gottlieb's tie looks like something that was filched from a Buster Brown ad (

    And what an outstanding exemplar of ReiKKKwing virtue your Mr. Gottlieb is.


    "I am," he [Gottlieb] says, "the premiere anti-communist, free-enterprise, laissez-faire capitalist."[1]

    In 1984 Gottlieb was convicted of tax fraud and spent 8 months in a work release program.[2] As a convicted felon, Gottlieb forfeited his right to own guns, but he regained that right in 1985 under a federal law allowing individuals of good character to apply for relief from that legal disability.[3]"

    is from Wiki. Greg Camp can refute it, or not.

    Yeah, he's the guy I want representing me on any issue, NOT.

  6. Hey, here's Mr. Gottliebs homepage:

    I notice he's got a "contribute" button. Why don't all you troobleevers send Mr. Gottlieb, convicted for fraud, someayourcash?