Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hollywood's Most Notorius Criminals

OJ is number 4. Check out the others.

Hollywood may be the land of big dreams and promises, but this place definitely sees its fair share of tragedies as well. From crimes of passion to money-motivated crimes, Hollywood criminals have been known to attack for any and all reasons. And we all know that one of the quickest ways to be a show stealer in Hollywood is to do something bad. Here are the eight most notorious criminals in Hollywood history.


  1. That showed how little I pay attention to Hollywood. For most of the cases, my question was, Who? In the case of O.J. Simpson, though, I thought that his murder trial came out the best way possible. The police investigation was sloppy, and a just society cannot tolerate that. It's better for some guilty people to go free than for one innocent person to be punished, as painful as it is to see a contemptable human being like Simpson get away with his crimes.

  2. Really stupid list since O.J. was found not guilty and Amy Fisher was in New York not Hollywood.

    orlin sellers

  3. I agree with Orlin on this one. Makes the list seem dumb.