Friday, April 20, 2012

A Good Clean DGU

Local Tennessee News reports

A home invasion turned deadly after shots were fired Wednesday night at an apartment complex in Antioch.

The invasion and subsequent shooting happened just before 11 p.m. in the Brentridge Apartments on Bell Road.  

Metro police said a masked and gloved gunman later identified as convicted drug felon Michael Martin knocked on the door of the apartment that Michael Moffitt shares with his girlfriend.

When the couple looked out of the peephole, it was covered from the outside.

Moffitt directed his girlfriend to the bedroom and told her to call police.

Moffitt, who is a firearms enthusiast and had legal weapons in the apartment, retrieved an AR-15 rifle and again checked the peephole.

Seeing that it was no longer covered, Moffitt opened the door.

Police said at that point, Martin, armed with a semi-automatic pistol, forced his way in and shoved Moffitt hard into an interior wall. 

Moffitt opened fire on Martin, 35, with the rifle, fatally wounding him. 
What do you think? Is it safe for me to call this one legit? I suppose the home owner could have left the door closed and waited for the cops, but since he did open up and the bad guy barged in, it sounds clean. What's your opinion? Please leave a comment.


  1. The thug had six felony drug convictions and was out on a seven-year probated sentence, according to the news article. There's the problem.

  2. RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!-eleventy-one11111!!!!,

    you're just touting this as clean shoot because the choirboy was black and wearing a hoodie, HOW DARE YOU, just got lost on his way home with his bag of skittles and bottle of YooHoo, knocked on the door of some random racist White-Hispanic and, BLAM, BLAM, KER-BLAM!!!!!

    But you know that the police are just covering up the fact that Mr Lilly-white-Hispanic had converted his peephole into a gun-port for his AR-15!!!!!!

    Where is his profile picture from his elementary school years, for his story about violence on children.....

    Where are the pictures of the back of his victims head showing no injuries?

    Here they are now look at that not a scratch on him, how dare ABC not release this photo for up for two months...

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  4. Why isn’t the shooter arrested? There has been so much talk lately that we need to let a jury settle these things, so where are the “Justice for Martin” cries in this case (yeah, that’s his name)? The reality is most self-defense cases are as clear cut this one, and there is no need to put the victim through a second hell of arrests and charges, after undergoing their first ordeal. Police and prosecutors taking their time to sort through the evidence before making arrest is not a big deal, and is the right thing to do.

    1. TS, are you saying the Trayvon case is as clear cut as this one? I expect that nonsense from some of the others, but I thought you were a bit more honest about it.

    2. The shooting in Sanford, FL is apparently clear cut to your side.

    3. MikeB: “are you saying the Trayvon case is as clear cut as this one?”

      No, but it does become clearer by the day. My point is that most self-defense cases are clear, but gun control folks jump all over the gray ones and demand change. Good self-defense laws protect people like this guy.

    4. TS, I don't think most are clear cut. Most are ambiguous, especially when the only guy left standing is the supposedly law-abiding gun owner. Even the brandishing type, which Kleck and his followers think happen millions of times a year, are in many cases either unnecessary or actually unlawful. But who's to say? Do you expect some of those gun owners to admit they may have acted improperly?

  5. Was the apartment renter justified, was the shooting moral, and was the shooting legal? Yes. Was it wise to open the door to an unknown person at 11 p.m. having no idea of their intentions or capabilities and no partner to help? NO!!!

    The renter should have waited for armed friends or law enforcement to arrive outside first. This is exactly what my father did when he experienced a similar situation. (His brother lived two doors down and they were able to surround the unknown person that came "calling" in seconds ... and fortunately it had a non-violent ending.)

    Never give up cover or concealment in an unknown situation if you have a cell phone on hand and friends or law enforcement that can arrive to back you up. Unless your location is on fire or similar, stay put and let the bad guy make the first move.

  6. Captain Crunch: “Was it wise to open the door to an unknown person at 11 p.m. having no idea of their intentions or capabilities and no partner to help? NO!!!”

    I agree, but this may have worked out better for him because he did. They guy had an accomplice at the back of the house, so they may come at him from two directions had he waited a touch longer. Who knows?

  7. I read some of the comments (lots of congratulatory ones, Mr. Moffitt is very much hearted by the locals for "takin' out the trash*".

    One of the commenters did note that Mr. Moffitt's gf seems to have known the decedoperp. Haven't, as yet, found independent confirmation of that. IF she knew him, then, yeah, the situation is not so clear cut.

    Mr. Martin seems to have been a very nasty individual.

  8. Well, there it is:

    "Albright said she knew Martin through friends and police think he might have come to rob Moffitt of his guns."

    from here (

    It sounds like the cops have closed the books on it. I was Mr. Moffitt, I'd be asking the little lady a question or six.

  9. The owner made a critical mistake by opening the front door. After determining that Martin was likely up to no good; he should have immediately retreated and taken cover. From his position of cover he could have waited for the police to arrive and engage the threat. While he waited: he could have used a commanding voice to inform Martin that the police were going to arrive any second and that he was armed and didn't want any trouble.