Sunday, April 15, 2012

Accidental Shooting at North Carolina Gun Range - No Charges

The incident occurred around 2:45 p.m., the police were called and statements were made, the management had temporarily shut down the range.

"The guy was trying to clear his gun pointed towards the floor and accidentally shot it.

Fayetteville police reported that the bullet struck the customer in the lower leg and went through his calf. The injuries were not life threatening and the victim was taken to Womack Army Medical Center.
No charges were filed, police said.
Some people seem to think my one-strike-you're-out rule is a bit too harsh when applied to accidents. Let me ask you this? Would you want to go shooting with a guy like this? Would you trust your life to the idea that he'd learned his lesson and is now safe to be around?

Not me. I figure anyone stupid enough to shoot himself while violating at least two of the 4 Rules of Gun Safety, is capable of anything, even doing it again.

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  1. Um, wait, I thought gun ranges were havens of well-trained, responsible gun owners who always follow the four rules.....

    1. And I thought that the Norse gods were mighty beings who know how to deal with Ettins. At least one of us is on the side of right.

    2. Baldr makes a good point. If we have these kinds of incidents among the trained professionals, it's safe to assume they happen even more often among the regular folks.

      That's too often. Better screening and training is required.

    3. Very little is safe to assume. But why do you insist that "better" screening and training is required? Why do you feel the need to take responsibility for the actions of others? Let people be responsible for themselves. Barring a totalitarian state, there's nothing that you can do about it anyway.

    4. Sorry, Greg, but I'm not into your anarchist views. I prefer a government that looks out for the General Welfare of its people (you know, that little quote in the preamble of the Constitution...).

    5. Better screening and training requirements would identify some of the worst, most obviously unfit characters and disqualify them before they buy guns legally. Many of them, since they're not out-and-out criminals would accept that rejection and continue on without the guns that they would otherwise have ended up misusing.