Thursday, December 23, 2010

Poster Boy - Media Sensation

Do you feel it? Yesterday he was pictured with the cutest little boy, today it's the dog. I can't wait to see what spin they put on it tomorrow.

He want's his rights back. And the good news is he's no longer suicidal.

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  1. The fact that you can lose your rights in every state because of a hoplophobic government stooge in one state is a travesty.

    I hope he gets a full restoration of his rights.

  2. He will get his rights back. Mark my sage words.

  3. Thankfully, this guntard won't get his so-called *rights* back. Even if he wins his appeal for gun smuggling and possession of cop killer bullets, he's still a felon under NJ laws for possession of military grade magazines.


  4. MikeB/Jade,

    What the hell is a military grade magazine and why would possession of a piece of metal and plastic make you a felon?

    Also, you seem to forget about the word PARDON. Look it up.

  5. FWM: “What the hell is a military grade magazine…?”

    Armed Forces Journal. NJ has no need for the first amendment either.

  6. FatWhiteMan:

    This is NJ, and we have common sense gun laws, so possession of military grade magazines is a felony.

    And I guess your fingers are too fat to use the keyboard, cause if you could use a keyboard, you'd realize that Krispy Kreme Kristie did not *pardon* your *white* knight, but simply commuted his sentence. Maybe you should know what the heck it is you gunchubby's blabber on about.

  7. What is a "military grade magazine?" Is there a special manufacturing regimine for same? Or are all seven of my 30 round AR-15 mags (six of which actually are military issue, thank you very much) "military grade?" What makes them so?

    Oh - and just what is a "cop killer" bullet? Hmmmmm?

    I would have less to complain about when the anti-freedom loons go off to regulate firearms if there was any evidence that as a general rule they had any idea in the world what they were talking about. But ignorance feeds prejudice, and well, there ya go.

    I have a suggestion for you, "BantheNRA." Find out what you're ranting about before you go off making a fool of yourself. If you ever get to my neck of the woods, I'd be glad to take you shooting. You can even try out some "military grade" hardware . . . .

    Careful . . . you might like it.

  8. What an invitation that is coming from a man who calls himself "Anonymous."

    I suppose certain pieces of metal and plastic are deemed illegal because otherwise you gun guys would try to procure surface-to-air missiles and baby nukes.

    Reasonable people try to draw a reasonable line to determine what reasonable gun owners can legally own.

  9. Banboy/MikeB/Jade,

    I know his sentence was only commuted for now. You said that he does not get his rights back and I was saying that he will eventually be pardoned and his rights will be restored.

    Further, that backward, repressive state of New Jersey will have some of its retarded, draconian gun laws stricken down.

    Mark my sage words.

  10. FWM, Isn't it embarrassing to display your bias so obviously. Colin Goddard, who was never charged with a crime, according to you is a criminal. This character Aitken, who was charged, convicted and jailed, on the other hand is what, hero/victim. Poster boy, I call him.