Monday, October 31, 2011

And About Those Dangerous Kitchen Utensils...

I couldn't help but laugh because of the timing of reading this, within a short time of writing a comparison and contrast between firearms and 'kitchen utensils'.

In that context, I hope this will amuse our readers; I've bolded the pertinent part:

Man accused of breaking and entering — for beer

Chicago man allegedly breaks into two apartments looking for a drink and stabs a resident

updated 1 hour 27 minutes ago
A Chicago man was charged over the weekend for assaulting one man and stabbing another after breaking into two apartments in search of beer. Hotel event coordinator Tim Snyder, 36, broke into an apartment building around 4 a.m. Saturday, according to the Sun-Times.
Snyder allegedly entered one apartment and headed straight for the fridge.
When he didn’t find any beer, he allegedly punched a man and left, breaking into another unit. In the second apartment, prosecutors said, he struggled with another man, who he allegedly stabbed in the back with a corkscrew.
Residents of the building then subdued Snyder until police arrived.
The victim was taken to an area hospital, where he received 22 stitches.
While in police custody, Snyder allegedly threatened and spit at officers. He now faces two charges of home invasion, aggravated battery and aggravated battery of a police officer.
He has previous convictions for domestic battery and aggravated battery, police said.
After his arrest, Snyder told a police officer, “I’m gonna kill your ass. You can’t lock me up forever,” according to the police report.
He then said, "Want some AIDS?" and spat at the police officer, the report said, according to the newspaper.
Maybe what was needed was one of these in the kitchen utensil drawer, to assist equally in fine dining and home defense....


  1. I suppose you would like to ban the posession of corkscrews now? I guess I will be the one to point out that the presence of a conceal carry licensed individual could of prevented this man from being stabbed. guns are tools, if you want to prevent gun violence go after the man pulling the trigger not the tool he uses. violence is violence, regardless of the tool used.

  2. Anonymous, are you seriously suggesting that a man who breaks into your home for a beer, or even attacks you with a *corkscrew*, should be shot dead? While no one should be attacked with anything, I'm not going to kill someone for attacking me with a corkscrew, even if they stab me in the back! It would be tremendously difficult to kill someone with a corkscrew, even if they just laid down and didn't fight back. I'd just back off and let them have a frickin' beer, then no one dies.

  3. Baldr, You know what the problem is with the law-and-order gun owners who think it's OK to presume the worst about burglars and kill them on sight? They suffer from a psychological deficiency which triggers in them an indignation that is uncontrollable. Some cops have this too. It screams into their brains, "how dare you" at any and all offenders. The remotest possiblilty of threat is enough for them.

    These are sick people who shouldn't have guns in the first place.