Friday, November 4, 2011

The Benefits of the Canadian Gun Registry

I recently became a gun owner for the first time in my early 40s. I proudly own .22 and .30-06 rifles for target shooting and hunting. My experience with Canadian firearms licensing and gun-registration systems has been entirely positive and has left me strongly in favour of the long-gun registry the Harper Conservatives, as promised, are moving to dismantle.

The mind-boggling initial costs of the registry are indefensible, but its cancellation doesn't earn the people of Canada a refund. Its ongoing costs seem quite reasonable, given the scale and importance of the task. The argument it contains incomplete or inaccurate information should lead us to improve it, not delete it. No information is much worse than partial information. Requiring us to register our gun doesn't criminalize gun owners: It draws the line between law-abiding gun owners and criminals.
That makes sense to me. How about you?

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  1. You present us an article by someone who is clearly already on your side, then tell us that what he wrote makes sense. Your true believers are joining in the chorus, I'm sure. We infidels see nothing that changes our mind. Status quo. . .

  2. Yeah, but he's a gun owner. This shows something that I often point out. Pro-gun folks often talk about their numbers, 80 million they say. But the fact is many of them are really on the gun control side of the argument.