Sunday, June 17, 2012

Accidental Shooting Death of Houston Woman by Dropped Gun - No Charges

The Houston Chronicle reports

A 24-year-old woman was killed in an accidental shooting when her brother dropped the gun he was carrying in south Houston on Saturday evening, authorities said.

The woman’s brother was carrying a semi-automatic handgun into the house and was near the doorway when the pistol slipped out of its holster, Houston Police Department Homicide investigator Bart Oxspring said.

When the gun hit the ground, it discharged one time, striking the man’s sister, who was standing outside a few feet away, in the face, Oxspring said.

The victim, Rochelle Jackson, died at the scene.  At this time, investigators are treating the shooting as an accident.
If this keeps up the gun-extremists are going to have to stop telling us how guns don't discharge when dropped.

Did you catch that part about the incident being treated like an accident?  That's how gun owners protect each other, by calling unacceptable negligence an accident.

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  1. I'm sure like our gun nuts, this guy considers having his little fetish toy in his holster something much more important to him than his sister's life.

    We have the gun nuts telling us over and over that these deaths are perfectly acceptable, and that no amount of loss of life or injury matters as much as their having their little fetish objects next to them.....more or all times, loaded and ready to go off in their pants, or when the gun is dropped.

    They can't face the world without that external empowerment, and the rest of us be damned.

    This should be a negligent homicide.

  2. You are correct, this should be a negligent homicide. And I, being a gun owner, will gladly point the mugger, rapist, and home invaders in your direction since you shall always be an easy target.

    But the real danger for which you will never be protected is this crazy, socialist minded government. Keep being a sheep and you WILL get sheared.