Saturday, June 23, 2012

This should get your amygdalas screaming!

While I don't agree with the opinions and conclusions of some of this material, it is true that the Grand Union Flag and Flag of The British East India Company were the same:

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  1. Interesting and kind of disturbing. I haven't had time to follow the links but the material presented in the video was a bit neat. Ironically I watched it while I enjoyed my morning cup of tea.

    I'm not your average Appalachian hillbilly as tea is still my number one beverage. I drink it hot in the morning and iced in the afternoon. I only use loose teas instead of the floor scrapings they put in tea bags and I buy it mail order in 5# or more quantities.

    I have seen and heard of the Civil Flag but don't know much about it--I'll have to look more into it.

  2. Surprisingly enough,the British drink a lot of coffee these days. According to the CBI:

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    Coffee in the UK