Monday, June 18, 2012

Dropped Guns Just Don't Discharge Unless you try to Catch Them

via TTAG

My comment:

I hope you guys realize this comment thread will be used to disarm the negligent if and when the winds change with regards US gun laws. I’m surprised how secure you feel in your gun rights to talk so openly about these terrible breaches of the rules. Surely, for every admission there are a dozen or so who did not comment. With a readership as wide as this one, just imagine what’s out there. You’ve probably got guys who’ve “accidently” killed with their guns and gotten away with it. Naturally they’re reluctant to fess up, unlike all you responsible guys who simple drop your weapon every once in a while.

Great post and thanks for the priceless video. I love the biblical justification guys.


  1. Watching the video I noted that the BS* teacher seems to accept the "Uzzah" account without reservation. This would be a mindset that accepts the NRA's nonsense without reservation. Credulous boobs tend to believe a lot of nonsense.

    * Bible Studies, son, Bible Studies, don't go gettin' all upset!

  2. I seem to recall a shot up walmart toilet in a men's room from a dropped gun discharging......and no, that guy didn't try to catch it, he was too busy holding on to his pants.

    And after the discharge, presumably holding on to his backside, to make sure it was still there.

  3. Yes, they've tried to argue it with me, too, saying that guns can't just discharge when dropped. There are plenty of examples, though, to prove them wrong. Did they try to catch the gun? Not always. But I'm sure the gun guys will just write them off of atypical and unimportant....

    Here are three such examples just from those that involved kids being shot:

  4. There's also the one you recently posted about:

  5. I didn't understand the video what the person trying to say.Anyone clarify me please.