Tuesday, June 19, 2012

An interesting observation

Since I don't make my internet searches from the US, I've found that I get more balanced results and more factually accurate information when I look up topics relating to firearms issues.

US searches tend to repeat the same misinformation bouncing around in the internet echo chamber.

For people who criticise about posting other people material, I find US gun bloggers do that quite a bit.

Why do you have to leave the US to see a proper debate about gun control in the US?

UK media have better debate on the topic (although still misinformed about what the Second Amendment is really about. Hint: it has nothing to do with gun rights)


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  1. Good Morning Laci! You're either up very early or very late -- I agree about the quality of news coverage; I try to spread my news 'consumption' around a bit, some Europe and the UK, some from Canada, some from the U.S., and occasionally some from misc. other sources, like Al Jazeera English or news sources from India or other Asian sources.

    The U.S. media (especially the right wing media) is both consistently more superficial in much of the news analysis, and tend to be less into fact checking and more into echo-chamber repeating the same thing over and over quoting each other instead of doing original work.

    Of course this is because the money is hermorrhaging out of news sources, especially independent sources, that used to pay for reporting; it isn't cheap -- but it is essential to a functioning democracy. If we don't have that, we function less and less well (which explains something significant about our current governmental problems).