Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blog Break - One Month

This'll be my last day of blogging for about a month.  I'll be traveling with my family in one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Wish us luck.

In order to improve our chances of survival, I won't be carrying a gun myself and I won't be going around as a self-appointed vigilante/judge studying everyone else for indications of misbehavior.  I won't be harboring that now-popular attitude of stand-your-ground and how-dare-you-get-in-my-way. When we go into Starbucks I'll be especially circumspect.

Every time I go to the bathroom or to the beach or take a shower, I'll rejoice at not having to worry about gun handling like our friends on TTAG. Every time I take my eyes off the kids for five seconds, I won't have to worry if they're playing with a gun they've found. Every time I think about the gun blogs, I'll mentally jump for joy that I'm not one of the gun-rights fanatics who can never relax and fully enjoy his family and friends, who, if they really are responsible, can never stop to smell the roses.

If I have any dealings with the police or government officials, I'll be grateful that I haven't watched V for Vendetta over and over again (or The Hunger Games) like many of our gun friends and thereby distorted my impression of those people and agencies. When visiting small towns and rural areas of the country, I'll be grateful I haven't watched Red Dawn more than a time or two, and that I won't be seeing the Russians coming over the next hilltop. Political references will remind me of the racist gun nuts who practice inexplicable Obama hate.

Whenever I pass a church, I'll have a quiet chuckle to myself about the gun-rights fanatics who use the biblical justification for gun ownership.

I'm exhausted just thinking about it; I need a break.

Thanks so much to the co-bloggers who've agreed to come back an keep the blog alive for me. I'll repeat it here, I've given you guys carte blanche to do it the way you think best. If the last week is any indication, that's gonna work out fine.

I'd also like to thank the commenters and readers, who for the most part are antagonistic to my ideas, but nevertheless I very much appreciate your participation.

I wish everybody a good beginning of the summer and I'll look forward to resuming our relationships in late July.



  1. "I'll be traveling with my family in one of the most dangerous countries in the world." That would be the United States, doubtless.

    Happy travels.