Sunday, June 17, 2012

Virginia 12-Year-old Killed by his Brother while Hunting - No Parents Around - No Charges

Delmarva Now reports

A 12-year-old Washington County boy who was shot while hunting groundhogs has died.

Washington County Sheriff’s Lt. Byron Ashbrook tells media outlets that police believe the shooting was accidental. The sheriff’s office is not releasing the child’s name.

Ashbrook says the boy was hunting Wednesday with his 15-year-old brother in a field off Goose Creek Road when he was shot in the head. He died Thursday morning at a hospital in Bristol.

The shooting is being investigated by the sheriff’s office and the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.
I suppose no parental supervision is required for something like this?  That's what's wrong with the gun culture, or that's one of the things.  Gun owners are convinced their kids are safe with guns because they've taught them to be.

I'm afraid it ain't so.  We see the results every day.

What's your opinion? 


  1. Why does anybody hunt groundhogs?

    They're harmless, they're not good eating.....?

    And yes, these kids should not have been unsupervised; what does it say about the parents that the kids had access to guns that easily?

  2. Pitiful. Yet another instance, which happens all the time, of kids left unsupervised with loaded, unsecured guns. I guess the gunloons will decry that this is an isolated incident where they just didn't have appropriate training. Doubtless the parents thought they were trained enough before they left the home.

  3. My opinion is that you're trying to take one incident and extrapolate it into a claim that all gun owners are unsafe and/or bad parents.

    Would you like to apply that same logic to car owners, since every now and again, a young person is killed by or while in a car?

    How about bicycles? Commercial aircraft? School buses? I can play your game all day.