Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Citizens of New Jersey Agree

A new poll released by Mayors Against Illegal Guns makes some bold claims about support for universal background checks in New Jersey — namely, that in some areas, the support itself is nearly universal. 

In New Jersey's 4th congressional district, the group says, 100 percent of the 400 people surveyed support such checks. It said support was similar — though not quite as overwhelming — in several other areas. 

According to the poll results, universal background checks are favored by 95 percent of voters in New Jersey's 2nd district, 89 percent in the 3rd district, 100 percent in the 4th district, 91 percent in the 5th district, 92 percent in the 7th district, and 97 percent in the 11th district.
This is very interesting because if you listen to the gun-rights fanatics you'd expect the poor oppressed citizens of The Garden State to rebel against such terrible interference in their basic freedom and right to protect themselves.

But instead we have overwhelming support for this most sensible gun control measure. Could it be their poor education?  No, that applies to places like Alabama and Mississippi. Could it be they don't know what they're getting into?  No, they already have nearly the strictest gun control laws in that nation, and now they want more.


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  1. Hey, more of the Yankee's are educated and wonderful and southerners are nye kulturney--congrats on getting in a regional slur without the south ever being mentioned.

    As for my opinion?

    There've always been slaves who enjoyed their servitude and preferred it whether because they were treated nicely or didn't know anything better, or had been so broken that they couldn't care less.

    Similarly, you can always find someone ready and willing to give up one freedom or another in exchange for a promise (true or not) of safety or prosperity.

    The folks left in Jersey have become accustomed to their lost liberty, so why wouldn't they agree to give up just a little bit more to reach the goal they've been promised all along.

    Whether one's talking gun control, the patriot act, TSA groping, domestic surveillance or any or the other abridgments of our liberties, it's pretty sad to see the growing number of folks who stand and cheer as the ratchet cranks another increment.

    1. Or, maybe they have seen gun control up close and believe it works.

  2. With regard to civil rights, New Jersey today is as bad as Mississippi was in the fifties. But we've had half of our own Brown v. Board of Education already, and the other half is coming soon.

    1. Sure Greg. That's why almost all the citizens of NJ want more gun control not less. Everyone who disagrees with you is stupid, that must explain it.

    2. Where did I use the word "stupid" in my comment? I drew a parallel with another time in our history when rights were being violated and the majority supported that. Violating rights is evil. Human beings have great potential for both good and evil, and the purpose of a representative republic is to secure as much good as possible by defending basic rights.

  3. The monumentally more important question to ask is if universal background checks will reduce violent crime. Well here is the answer.

    The core problem is that our criminal justice system releases dangerous people into society! As it stands right now, almost ALL ex-convicts released from prison commit crimes again after their release. Want to prevent violent crime? Keep violent criminals in prison or rehabilitate them before releasing them!

    No policy in the real world will stop violent ex-convicts from using weapons to attack good people. Several effective weapons are easy to acquire. Sticks (clubs) are everywhere and free ... and knives and hammers are sold everywhere for less than $15.

    Further, in the real world, universal background checks do not stop a violent ex-convict from illegally purchasing, stealing, or even making guns and attacking good people. And universal background checks certainly fail to stop violent ex-convicts from using alternate weapons such as clubs and knives to attack good people. Universal background checks are a huge waste of resources and distract us from the real problem. If we as a society do not trust an ex-convict in public with a firearm, the ex-convict should still be in prison!!!!! It really is that simple.