Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Connecticut Woman Kills her Two Young Grandsons and Herself

PRESTON, Conn. (CBSNewYork/AP)

Local news reports

The family of two young boys killed in an apparent-murder suicide — and state police — said Thursday they want to know why the boys' grandmother, with an apparent history of mental health problems, had access to the revolver used in the shooting. 

 The shooting has added urgency to a legislative review of access to guns that is already under way in Connecticut, where a troubled 20-year-old man gunned down 26 people, including 20 first-graders, on the opposite side of the state at a Newtown school on Dec. 14. 

 The two boys' grandmother, 47-year-old Debra Denison, was supposed to take them from a day care to a birthday party Tuesday but instead drove to a nearby lake where she and the children were found shot to death after a frantic search. Police said the gun had been taken from her home, and one relative said it apparently belonged to Denison's husband.
Should Mr. Denison bear any of the responsibility for this?

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  1. First and foremost the grandmother is the responsible person since she is the person that murdered the children.

    If Mr. Denison knew his wife was mentally ill, then he should have either committed his wife to a mental hospital or placed a custodian with her at all times.

    Similarly, if the victims' parents knew the grandmother was mentally ill, they should NOT have left their children in her care.

    As for a firearm, the grandmother could have easily killed the grandchildren many different ways with poison, her car, a knife, etc. The murder weapon is not the problem. The real problem is that this grandmother was free in public with no custodian.

  2. You're a fucking Ghoul Mike

    1. If I'm a ghoul for posting this, what does that make you. You're the one who wants the minimal restrictions on gun ownership the result of which is many nut-cases like this have access. You're the one who opposes mandatory safe storage laws so stupid and reckless people like Mr. Denison leaves his gun laying around for kooky wifey to get.

      Yeah, I may be a ghoul but at least I'm not responsible for things like this. That's your honor.

    2. No, you're not a ghoul for posting the story. The reason I called you a ghoul is that you don't know whether the gun was stored safely, or what kind of mental problems this woman had in the past.

      And yet, with almost no information from the investigation, just speculation and hearsay, you're ready to lay the blame for this tragedy on the grieving grandfather, morally and legally. You're a ghoul because you feed off of these cases. You jump on them with great vigor, speculating and opining, and declare who should be responsible and who should lose their icky gun rights.

      As for my supposed responsibility--your accusation rings about as true as someone who accuses the protectors of free speech of responsibility for suicides because their protection of speech allows people to say mean things which push some people over the edge.

    3. Mikeb, your notions of distributed responsibility make no sense. She is the one who did wrong. Individuals are responsible for their own acts, not loosely categorized groups.

    4. That's rich coming from you who blames gun control laws for "making criminals out of law-abiding citizens."

    5. Anonymous, deny it all you want, but the gun violence which results in over 30,000 deaths and over 100,000 injuries is partly the fault of gun-rights fanatics like you. You're the ones who are responsible for the shit gun control laws we have and the resulting bloody statistics.

    6. And your insistence on Due process and your fanaticism against summary executions of criminals is responsible for even more crimes.

      If we didn't have these shit laws and cops could shoot someone on sight if they broke the law, there would be very little crime, and probably very few of such shootings because everyone would toe the line to avoid giving cops a reason to plug them.

      You damned right's fanatic--you're responsible for even more deaths!