Monday, March 4, 2013

Texas Cop Fired after Shooting at Suspect 41 Times, Killing Him

From the Trenches

A police officer in Texas has been terminated from the force after an investigation determined that he violated official policy when he rammed his car into a suspect’s vehicle, cornered him and then fired 41 shots, killing him. 

Officer Patrick Tuter shot and killed Michael Vincent Allen on August 12, 2012, but he has only now been fired more than six months later. He has spent the last half year on administrative leave while the Garland Police Department conducted an investigation that has finally concluded this week. 

“Tuter has been fired because he was found in violation of two general orders of our department,”Garland PD spokesperson Joe Harn tells the Dallas Morning News. “He violated our pursuit policy as well as our use of force policy.”

I'll bet he still has gun. It is Texas, after all.


  1. These are the only people mikeb and his crew want to have guns.

    orlin sellers

  2. He fired 41 shots? Did he do a New York Reload or was he using a Rifle/Submachinegun?

    Police and security officers protect society. Who are you going to call WHEN your 7pm news and tea time is interrupted by a horde of Machinegun and Flamethrower-wielding Narco Terrorists invading your home? Who will be there to save your virginity from a serial-rapist who lurks in the Mall mens room waiting for the next suspecting victim? WE are armed for a reason and it is not your place to persecute the heroic savior of the innocent before all the facts are out.

    But if he is guilty, he shouldn't have a gun. Better not bring it to my jurisdiction.