Friday, March 8, 2013

Elevator Murder Experiment


  1. De we all see how ineffective spraying someone with a fire extinguisher or bashing the fellow with flowers proves to be? Now if only there were a tool that could be used to gain the attacker's attention...

    And before you make a bunch of wild accusations, Mikeb, my response would be to draw and order the attacker to let go of his victim. I'd only take a shot if the attacker refused to comply.

    And yes, I recognize that in fact, this was performance art. When that sort of performance mimics a major felony, it's gone too far.

  2. You can be fairly certain that when a video is posted by mikeb it will be silliness. My guess is that 100% of newer elevators have security cameras and that they are monitored. Do we know if this elevator was in a private or public facility? No. Yet, we are expected to draw some sort of conclusion. Was it a gun free zone? We don't know. What floor was the elevator on? Was is it on the main level where those that ran were going to get security, ring an alarm, or some other action?
    What we do know is that it was someone making a video with actors that had as much 'nothingness' about it as a "Seinfeld" episode.

    orlin sellers

    1. Orlin,

      TV news did a piece on this video last night. It's was apparently done as some type of publicity stunt for a movie coming out soon (Dead Man Down I think).

      I saw the report last night and thanked God that it didn't happen sometime and somewhere where I was because my response would have been to intervene violently, and I probably would have given the attacker an severe face kicking before he or the "victim" communicated that this was performance art.

      This was an incredibly stupid and dangerous thing to do, and I'm just glad nobody got hurt.

  3. You guys take yourselves so seriously. Don't you think the whole thing was staged, that the people stumbling upon the crime were in on it?

    It is a thought provoker though.