Friday, March 8, 2013

The NRA’s Flip-Flop on African Americans

The NRA's flip flop on African Americans


When the gun control debate focused around black militants taking up arms, the fulcrums were very different. Indeed, both the NRA and President Ronald Reagan spoke against armed citizens when African American men patrolled neighborhoods brandishing firearms in response to racial violence. The Panthers were not the “well-regulated militia” that the white, conservative stalwarts of Second Amendment advocacy had in mind. 

 Hence the hypocrisy now of the gun group appealing to African Americans — invoking the Civil Rights movement — to lobby support against gun regulation. The NRA hired Internet star and gun advocate Colion Noir to feature in a video, posted on YouTube Friday, to appeal to the black community.


  1. In the same period, which party was it that endorsed racial segregation in the South?

    But it's curious to me that the only history that matters to Mikeb is the kind that supports his cause. When history is against him, he says that it's irrelevant.

  2. Changing oneself from old school bigoted ways is not what I call hypocrisy. That's called "doing the right thing". Are we going to call the Democratic party hypocrites because they used to support slavery? Who is the one who wants to disarm blacks right now? That would be your side, not the NRA. Are you saying it is better to remain a bigot that change and risk being called a "hypocrit"?

    1. The slavery thing was over 150 years ago, so yes that would be silly.

    2. So what's the cut off for the number of years when history stops being important?

    3. Uh huh, and this was 50 years ago. In both cases, we are talking about a complete turnover of people. You are accusing people of hypocrisy for not having the same ideals as their predecessors.

  3. Gee, you'd think mikeb and his parade of clowns would be praising Reagan and the NRA for besmirching the 2A.

    orlin sellers