Monday, March 4, 2013

More on the Fast-Talking Con Artist Colion Noir

Opposing Views

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has created a new video (below), starring YouTube star Colion Noir, to demonize the U.S. government in order to encourage African-Americans to oppose gun control.

In the video, released on YouTube, Noir claims that 30,000 Americans killed each year by guns is not actually a "gun problem," but rather a 'history problem."  

Noir does not mention that the in 2008 and 2009 gun homicide was the leading cause of death among black teens, according to

Instead, Noir falsely claims that the U.S. federal government "hosed us down with water, attacked us with dogs,' when in reality it was the state governments of Southern states. 

It was actually the U.S. federal government that sent troops into the South to protect the rights and lives of minorities.


  1. you can have an open debate about it, but you'll probably be outsmarted MikeB

  2. He didn't say that the Federal government hosed anyone down. He said the government. The statement that gun homicide is the leading cause of death of black teens, if true, in no way invalidates what he says.

    What your side can't stand here is a a black man standing up for gun rights. That puts you in the same category as folks who couldn't stand the idea of blacks voting a number of decades ago.

  3. He is...inconvenient for gun control folks. The personal attacks will have to be far more carefully crafted because he's not a middle aged white guy. Now, what to do? Call him a racist? Nope. Call him old and out of touch with today's society? Nope. Ah! Here's the solution! Scream "not true" and "you're a liar" over and over.

    1. His lies and inconsistencies have been clearly pointed out. Why do you refuse to admit it.

    2. Every time you claim a lie from him, I show you that you're wrong.

    3. That's not exactly right, Greg. You stubbornly refuse to accept my point, that's not the same as showing that I'm wrong.

    4. Sometimes, you're wrong on the facts. I show you when that's the case. Sometimes, we disagree in our interpretations. I label those accordingly. Your beliefs aren't proof in themselves. If you could sort out the difference between beliefs and facts, these conversations would be much easier.

  4. Inexplicable Colin Noir hatred can only mean one thing…

    You hate gun rights.