Monday, March 4, 2013

The Utah Debate over Arming Teachers

Local news reports

A new set of concerns have emerged as more Utah teachers seek to arm themselves in the classroom.

The pushback comes as gun advocates urge teachers to pack guns against an intruder. Utah law allows teachers and anyone else licensed to carry concealed weapons to wear a gun in a public school. But some believe teachers should disclose to parents that they're packing, and that alarmed parents should be able to request a different classroom for their children.

To accomplish all of this, Rep. Carol Spackman Moss has drafted legislation for action by the Utah House.

"I see this not as a gun bill, but a parents' rights bill," said Moss, a Democrat from the upscale Salt Lake City suburb of Holladay. "The worst thing to have is a lot of teachers with guns. My constituents -- parents and teachers -- all say this is the wrong approach."

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  1. Utah has allowed concealed carry in schools--that's nothing new. This Democrat, probably as rare in that state as a rainy day in Death Valley, is trying to score points, nothing more.