Friday, May 23, 2014

And some people are more concerned about gun rights than....

Their drinking water.

According to the latest list issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, there are 21 water systems that could be out of water in 90 days or less. Eleven water systems may have just 45 days or less before running out of water. According to reporting by the Associated Press, the state's reservoirs are at their lowest point for this time of the years since 1990.

Of course, people cannot live without water, even if you are going to joke make a dumb comment about drinking beer instead since most alcoholic beverages require water at some stage in the process.

In fact, without water you cannot live.

You can't really say that about having a gun.

Do you feel stupid yet?  Or will that take time to soak into your heads?


  1. "Areas east of the Rockies and through the Plains will see most of the holiday weekend's rainfall, with significant amounts of precipitation in western Oklahoma, the Texas Panhandle and parts of New Mexico coming as early as Thursday."

    "It’s kind of a big deal,” he said, adding that some parts of Texas could even see up to 4-5 inches of rain and minor flooding."

    So Laci, you're suggesting that people cant worry about more than one thing at once? Or is that skill reserved for the ubersmart like you? And of course, that begs the question, what exactly should the individual citizen be doing to bring in the water every day instead of worrying about civil rights?
    The last person who spent a lot of time commenting on how smart he was ended up irritated the hell out of me, so I stopped listening to him on the radio. Its interesting that you and Rush both seem to think very highly of yourselves, and to not think much about common folk.

  2. Well, other people are more concerned about gun control than their drinking water, but for some reason they feel like they are really smart. Let that soak in.

  3. " Let that soak in." - nice :)

  4. One issue advocates and lobbyists don't care about other issues than their own. Money rules and they give money to make sure their issues are protected.