Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wanna see what gets you arrested in a REAL tyrannical regime?

These are Iranians dancing to Pharrell William's Happy.  The dancers were released, but the director is still being held as of now.

Tyrannical regimes arrest people who hike into their territory.  There were even rumours that the Albanians shot machineguns at wind surfers who strayed too close to their territory.

Just think of what would happen to someone who criticises the regime (or would be really stupid and advocate overthrowing it).  And if you walked around carrying weapons (although some of these countries that is acceptable behaviour--after all, they will gas you or wipe your asses off the map with more firepower than your puny weapon is capable).

Think about that the next time you decide to call the US repressive.

Repressive--you haven't fucking seen repressive.


  1. So... the LGBT community has nothing to complain about because- hey, we're not as bad as Iran.

  2. Tyrannical regimes also murder their citizens with drone strikes without due process.Id say thats pretty fucking repressive. I dont know what else you can call murdering a 16 year old boy because you think he MIGHT be up to no good. You really are disgusting Laci

  3. Patrick Henry, George Mason, and Thomas Jefferson think Pooch, the fecalpheliac, is a fool and an idiot.

    orlin sellers.