Saturday, May 24, 2014

Gun Huggers and Ammosexuals continue to put their foot in it

The Gun guys don't get it -- we do NOT WANT your damned guns around us when we go out to spend money.

Every new chain that bans guns is a 'win' for civilization, and a loss for vigilantes, crackpot fanatics, and those old white flabby and crabby fools who see the world through a fog of fear where they hope to get a chance to blast someone who represents the change with which they cannot cope.

From the Huff Po:

Chili's Considers New Gun Policy

Chili's is reviewing its policy on guns in its restaurants after a pro-gun group upset diners by bringing rifles to one of its Texas locations.
The restaurant chain's statement comes just days after another cadre of Texas activists, also carrying guns, prompted Chipotle to issue a statement telling customers that guns aren't welcome at any of its locations.
Chili's isn't going that far yet, but the idea is on the table. “Given the recent attention to open carry laws, we are evaluating our policy to ensure we provide a safe environment for our guests and team members,” a spokeswoman for Brinker International, Chili’s parent company, told The Huffington Post.
Brinker didn't immediately respond to a follow-up question asking what exactly Chili's policy currently states.
The company's decision to review its stance on the issue was prompted by a video that surfaced on YouTube of a group of men carrying rifles into a Chili’s in San Antonio, Texas. 

Laws about openly carrying firearms vary by state. Though Texas bans carrying handguns, it is legal to carry a rifle. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, however, prohibits businesses with liquor licenses from allowing rifles and shotguns on their premises.

Viewed by HuffPost before it was taken down on Wednesday night, the video shows the men, each carrying at least one heavy firearm, asking to be seated. The server appears to hesitate. A woman, apparently upset by the presence of the heavy weaponry in the restaurant, appears to take photos with an iPhone of each of the men in the group and seems to angrily scold them for bringing guns into a restaurant with children. A host at the restaurant then asks them to leave.
"We'd be glad to accommodate you, we're happy to sit you and feed you," the server says. "You just have to leave your firearms outside."

Sonic's didn't like them either:
In the second video, which has also since been removed, a male employee from the Sonic asks the men to remove their guns from the dining area or leave. The men cancel their food order and depart.

UPDATE: 2:45 p.m. -- Open Carry Texas backed down on Friday afternoon, notifying members on that they are to "immediately cease" taking shotguns and rifles into private businesses unless invited to do so.

Even civilization intruding on the wild west in the 19th century did not allow guns everywhere in cities and towns.  Gun nuts appear to hold to a revisionist history of our country, and of carrying firearms, and seem to be too socially maladroit to understand without prompting what is appropriate.


  1. I can sympathize with both restaurant owners and patrons. And being private property, the owners get to decide what is allowed in their venues. And these groups that have creating such outcry have been taking heat from pro gun advocates also.
    In fact Open Carry Texas has disassociated itself from the group that violated their guidelines in the well publicized encounter at Jack in The Box. Sort of like when a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns finds itself on the wrong side of the law.
    In any cause that's out there you'll find extremists that push the envelope of acceptable behavior. And as a result, each issue bears the brunt of having reasonable members being painted with the reputation of these extremists.

    1. Open Carry Texas members are all extremists. Recent events are proving me right. I've said all along these nuts do your cause more harm than good.

    2. What ssgmarkcr misses is that in all of these cases, where the open carry pulled this stunt, was that both employees AND customers had a strongly negative response.

      That is prompting formerly accepting businesses to now reject the ammosexuals and their fetish objects.

    3. "What ssgmarkcr misses is that in all of these cases, where the open carry pulled this stunt, was that both employees AND customers had a strongly negative response."

      Strange, I thought that's what I said.

    4. No. That might be what you meant, it was not what you wrote. You only referenced owners (not employees) and customers.

      And yeah, these guys are not as different from the rest of you as you would like to believe (the good guy/bad guy thing).

  2. These clowns don't know the first thing about being appropriate.
    They think it's appropriate to send pictures of their kids holding guns around the world.
    They think it's appropriate to leave loaded guns around where kids can pick them up and kill themselves.
    They think it's appropriate to bring guns to town hall meetings, or walk up to strangers flashing their guns.
    Sooner, or later most companies will ban guns on their premisses, or they will lose business. We can usually count on profit, or loss of, to change behavior.

  3. Ammosexuals do not get to decide if they carry their little dick supporters into restaurants. I will not patronize any such restaurant.

  4. But actually I hope more ammosexual gunsuck losers do this. There is nothing which will get people turned against the NRA as much as this open carry thing.

  5. I will not patronize any such restaurant.

    And you are completely free to make that choice Lib. Here are some places you'll want to avoid then.

    "According to CNBC, McDonalds, Dunkin' Donuts, Baskin-Robbins, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and LongHorn Steakhouse are among those that are gun friendly in states and locales where laws allow them to be gun friendly.
    Zaxby's Chicken is also gun friendly where local ordinances allow it to be.
    "TGI Fridays, Subway, and Cheesecake Factory" are gun friendly as well, although they declined to share their method for setting gun policy. "

  6. "There is nothing which will get people turned against the NRA as much as this open carry thing."

    I agree with you on this item Lib. In my opinion, the best guideline to go by is what local law enforcement does. When going about there day to day business, they normally only carry a handgun, with long arms staying in the car unless they are expecting trouble such as a crime in progress, etc.

    1. Your civilian position is not the same as a sworn officer of the law whose job is to protect and serve the public, which means they need special tools to do that job. If I'm caught up in an armed robbery in some public place I don't want a gun nut to start shooting. I want a trained officer who knows how to handle the situation with out useless loss of life, which is what we get when gun loons just start shooting.

  7. Awwww, you sad pathetic fool. Breitbart, ssgmarkcr? You might as well get your information out of a child's coloring book -- no, wait -- THAT might actually be more factual.
    That link is meaningless - and funny; what it is not is anything anyone should believe or take seriously.

    1. "That link is meaningless - and funny; what it is not is anything anyone should believe or take seriously."

      Ok, DG, how about some independent verification?

      "Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin-Robbins restaurants are owned and operated by individual franchisees who are required to follow all federal, state and local laws with regard to firearms," said a Dunkin' Brands spokeswoman in a statement."

      "Rich Jeffers, director of communications at Darden Restaurants, the parent company of Olive Garden, Red Lobster and LongHorn Steakhouse, said by email, "Our approach has always been that we abide by all local and state laws."

      " McDonald's spokeswoman Lisa McComb said the company's policy remains the same even after Chipotle issued its new policy."

      "Chicken chain Zaxby's said it looks to local law and to its licensees to make the decision about what's best for their individual markets."

    2. Will not be long before that is over with. When the numbers tell them business is down because ammosexuals are showing up, ammosexuals openly carrying guns will be prohibited.

    3. Their mistake is trying to have it both ways. Sorry, they will have to choose. There is no fence sitting on an issue that concerns life and death. As long as idiot gun loons keep dropping their weapons and shooting innocent customers, then business owners will lose business if they don't take a stand.

    4. Dog Gone, You've been back blogging here for two days and you're calling one of the few reasonable pro-gun guns a "sad pathetic fool?" Is that because you disagree with him? Now, I could understand such talk to Orlin, but not to ssgmarkcr. Do try and restrain yourself, please.

  8. I don't imagine I'll ever find myself in Port Allen, Louisiana, but if I ever do end up there, I know where I'll be going to eat.

    Quick! Someone tell Shannon Watts and the rest of the Harridans Demand Attention!