Wednesday, May 21, 2014

'The Shield' Actor Michael Jace Arrested for Killing Wife

Michael Jace
Michael Jace

Rolling Stone

Actor Michael Jace, who appeared in the cop drama The Shield, was arrested Tuesday morning in Los Angeles over the fatal shooting of his wife, according to CBS News
Jace is reportedly being charged with homicide and is cooperating with the police. The LAPD confirmed that he was the only suspect taken into custody, and CNN says that his bail is set at $1 million. Although specifics remain unclear, a police news release read: "At this moment the motive of the murder is believed to be domestic violence."
On Monday night, Jace's neighbors alerted police after hearing gunfire. When officers arrived, they found April Jace dead with gunshot wounds to her body; two young children were also inside the home at the time.
TMZ is also reporting that Jace allegedly called the cops on himself, allegedly telling officials, "I shot my wife," and then staying on the line with them until police arrived at the actor's Hyde Park-area home. The gossip site is also reporting that Jace's two children witnessed the shooting, and were taken to the police station afterwards where they waited for Child Services to take them to the home of a family member.


  1. Any ways... All of you dicks and single guys that have never been in a fight with a woman.. Just go on playing with your guns instead of your dicks. I've said it on this blog more than once. Any man who would have words with his woman or otherwise get angry, maybe even lose control should not and definitely never should keep guns in the house. That goes double for you, Thomas the Christian.

    Guns are for killing people you goddam idiots. Just put yourself in the shoes of this poor bastard who actually shot his wife?

    I guess most of you aren't married.

  2. Well... I guess if you shoot your wife, the only thing to do is turn yourself in to the police. This guy may be lucky that he lives in Southern California, where at least the cops are moral and fair-minded.

    Just think! If this poor, pathetic man had never owned a gun, he would only be up on domestic violence charges. As it is, I think that a more apt term might be domestic murder.

    1. Yet the ever-defensive gun lunatics tell us that every single incident of murder with a gun would happen if there were no guns. The problem, they say, is in the violent person and not in the tool he uses. Murderers like Michael Jace would simply use another tool.

      What do you say to that?