Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Safe Storage - Where to Keep Your Guns

Make no mistake, stashing guns around your house is serious business–the safety of others is at stake so there is no room for error.  For this reason, an honest and informed (and even professional) assessment of your living space and conditions is crucial.  Where as a couple living alone in the woods with few visitors may get away with storing their frequently carried 1911 in an old boot in their shoe closet, a family of five has a lot more to consider.

The Down

The first decision is between long and short term storage while the paradox here is between security and access.  A corollary consideration is who are you really hiding your guns from: Kids? Thieves? Jackboots?
concealed carry solutions
The decision and method you chose to hide your handgun will fall somewhere between the extremes of concealed carrying your gun at all times and burying your handgun as a super long-term survival strategy. When making this decision, more than ever, terrain and circumstances dictate tactics.
Short term solutions are ideal for every-day-carriers. Storage styles fall on a spectrum between two categories, “go-to guns” (primary weapons that can/will be accessed at a moments notice) and “backup guns” (guns that are better hidden and harder to access, but may hold some specific strategic value).  These back-up guns toe into the arena of long term solutions which apply more to BBQ guns and survival treasures (more on these in future installments).

The Dirty

When children are a part of the equation, look for high spaces and unfrequented (not “forbidden”) places–on the top shelf of Dad’s closet of mystery may not your best option (but then again, depending on your brood, it might).  Also realize that education is the only real long term solution to keeping your children safe around guns.
hidden gun safe
When it comes to hiding your handgun, custom solutions are often the best (and most satisfying) solutions.
Inevitably, someone is going to call out this article for divulging tactics and they will be right–adopting what is readily known is at odds with the philosophy you’ll need to abide by when keeping your handgun out of sight.  Take the information here as inspiration and seek out creative and adaptive solutions on your own for full effect (custom solutions are often the best solutions).
The best place for your handgun may be on your person and in a gun safe at all other times.
Farago once said, the ONLY  place for your gun is on your person or in a gun safe.

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