Tuesday, May 20, 2014

US passes 4000 gun deaths

And it hasn't even been six months:


  1. Actually, I think these numbers are way off. As Anon is so fond of brining up, currently firearm deaths are running around 30,000 per year. About two thirds of those deaths are suicides. You don't normally see suicides of any type even mentioned in the media unless the person has some notoriety.
    So, most firearm suicides wouldn't get picked up using the search techniques used by this site.

    1. If a person kills themselves with a gun, it is a gun shot death. You can separate that from murders, but it is part of the problem. Suicides would go down, if guns were not so available. I happen to think killing yourself should not be a crime, but it is and those who do not succeed find that out when they are forced by the law to get mental help, go to jail, or both.

    2. Suicides would go down eh? Tell that to the Japanese.

    3. There's that dumb come back again, comparing American culture to Japanese culture and behavior.
      Right, and Americans didn't jump off cliffs and kill themselves in the face of capture; nor did they have a suicide policy when attacking enemy ships.