Sunday, May 18, 2014

The REAL Ann Coulter

The latest thing is that people should making transgender comments about Ann Coulter since they insult transgendered people.  On the other hand, the depiction of Ann from the Boondocks film runs through my brain whenever I see a woman espousing right wing views.

Is this what they are really like when they are off camera?  I mean one even sounds like she's a porn star (and from what I've heard is a ditz, but I haven't really seen any of these people).

On the other hand, maybe this goes along way to explain their bitterness.


  1. She's just a welfare queen. Her "job" is to get red-blooded white-wing conservatives up in arms about those evil liberals so duped poor conservatives vote for Republicans, a Party wholly owned by the Rich. For this the Rich pay her, ick, "handsomely".