Thursday, May 22, 2014

Washington Woman Arrested for Gun Crimes

Local news reports
A Hanford High School mom was arrested Friday after she was accused of unlawfully carrying a loaded semi-automatic onto the school campus and later using it to threaten her child’s former boyfriend.
Rebecca Charron, 33, believed that her daughter was being harassed by the male student, who also attends Hanford High, according to police reports.
She picked up her daughter in the parking lot of the school Friday afternoon and the two left without incident. But when they drove past the 7-11 store on George Washington Way, Charron spotted her daughter’s former boyfriend in the parking lot.
Charron stopped and confronted him, according to police reports.
She pointed the handgun, still in the holster, at the teen and told him not to make her use it, according to police reports.
Several people who saw the alleged confrontation called 911 at 1:39 p.m. Charron returned to her car and waited for police, according to reports.
She was taken into custody on suspicion of second-degree assault and carrying a loaded firearm onto school grounds without a concealed weapons permit.

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