Friday, May 23, 2014

I don't care if I am not in the majority...

I would rather be expressing something which I find to be true and beneficial to society than go with the herd.

Which takes me out of the class "Sheeple" since that implies a person who unquestioningly goes along with the herd.

In fact, Robert Ferrago said to me in a comment something along the line that I should give up and go along with the consensus.

Yes, I should agree with something that I have investigated and found wrong because everyone else believes it.


I have made a couple of posts about dumbed down citizens and people who believe patently false things--that would place me in that group.

I've also mentioned the argumentum ad populum (argument to the people, or everybody believe it's true) fallacy.  I would be engaging in fallacious thinking.

While some might call me a pseudo-intellectual (which shows they have never met me and don't know me), it would be far more in character of a pseudo-intellectual to go with something which sounds good, but doesn't withstand scrutiny.

Personally, I don't know how you can feel intellectually superior when you are expressing something which is so obviously wrong and false.

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  1. The dumb fuckers you write of here are NOT going to like this at all.