Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cenk on John McCain and the Other War Hawks


  1. It's really sick that the guy who supported the lies that led to the invasion of Iraq and the loss of thousands of American lives, now wants to put at deaths doorstep more American lives for the same war they lied about in the first place. Many countries around the world have made Bush, Cheney, and other Bush administration officials war criminals, and McCain should be in that crowd. McCain's cry as he ran for president was "bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran." These Hawks seem to think the world should have our kind of government, at the point of a gun. No different than Stalin, or Hitler. We deposed Iran's leader and put in our puppet (Shaw) who went on to oppress and kill his people, then wonder why those people hate America, took our people hostage and became an enemy of America. DUH!

  2. What an embarrassment to Annapolis. What a disgrace. Obviously a wonderful leader and a natural choice for the republican party of today as it has devolved into a sadistic morass of fear and hatred.

    My uncle, a Major in the USAF, one year behind McCain's graduating class and a true conservative actually did not support McCain's bid for the presidency in 2008. He thought that the burden of command might be too much for the man. Maybe it was too much for anyone. That's the key here. Barack Hussein Obama stepped in like fucking Moses.

    We don't need little mindless twits like McCain and Boehner questioning the leader of the free world. We may not always be said leader if these fucks gain any more power. It is time to kill the republican party off completely like the unwanted baby rattlesnake that it has become. Let's work together to make the establishment Democratic Party the party of choice for conservatives such as myself.